Energy Healing
for the
Divine Feminine

"The learning of the ways of Balance. This is said to be the dance of the stars."
~Domano hetaka,the reluctant shaman 

Meet Leanne Gerrard

Leanne Gerrard helps women, healers & the energetically sensitive release, reconnect & realign their energy systems to restore proper balance & energetic flow.

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at the Sacred Path Sanctuary

Overlooking Mt. Hood, Leanne performs her energy healing sessions at a very special location. Those sensitive to energy will immediately appreciate this sacred site.

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Restoring Divine Feminine Flow

Ready to relax, restore and rebalance your Divine Flow? Connect to the open, expansive and fun energies Leanne provides.

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Leanne Gerrard is a natural born healer!
My healing process begins as I am driving to her..”Anna Axlund, Lifestyle Transformation Guide, InTune Health and Fitness
“[Leanne] was able to clear the blockagesallowing me to move into a greater state of relaxation and ease!Maureen O'Connor, ND
Heart of Health Naturopathic Clinic

Energy Healing near Portland OR

Begin your journey to health, wholeness and wellbeing. Leanne guides you through deep and expansive energy healing and rebalancing. A complete system to self-care and restoration.

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Peruvian Shamanism ~ Ka Ta See

A Shaman of Ancient Healing Arts, Leanne is also a practitioner of Ka Ta See. Let the wondrous journey of Remembrance open you up to seeing how all life is here to support you.

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Red Door Energy Work

Absolutely everything in life is ENERGY! Developed to work with powerful scalar and quantum technologies, the Red Door Energy Sessions open and direct universal energy forces.

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“… Leanne has been exquisite. A true Energy Medicine Woman.Alora Light, Co-founder of the Conscious Evolution Movement™
“Powerful, loving, divine… Leanne is the Healers’ Healer in my book.”Rob Bury, Creator & Co-founder, AweLove University™