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Experience the Divine Flow of Re-connection, Re-balancing and Energy Medicine

Donna Eden with Leanne Gerrard

I love energy! Everything, absolutely everything in existence is Energy!  For as long as I can remember, I have had an avid interest in non-traditional approaches to health and healing. This fascination has culminated in the desire to learn and practice several different energy healing modalities. Today, I use an intuitive and integrative approach to practicing Energy Healing.

Married 42 years to my husband Steve, we are blessed to be parents of 5, and now grandparents of 5.  Living in the Pacific Northwest, life continues to blossom, excite and bring wondrous experiences!  I am a Shaman and Earth Keeper, in sacred service to Mother Earth, helping to restore peace, love and healing for all.  I am a Certified Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine, a Reiki Master and a practitioner of Ancient Energy Healing Arts in the Peruvian Ka Ta See Tradition.  Working with advanced intuitive Shamanic Wisdom healing techniques, my practice includes hands-on energy work as well as distance healing practices for those clients I can’t see in person.

Working with energy has changed my life in so many positive ways!! This practice has empowered me, improved my health and given me daily tools to maintain energy balance within my own body!

Sharing these gifts has been my great privilege, purpose and joy.  As I continue to practice these powerful modalities and pursue on-going, advanced studies, I am expanding and deepening my connection to the Divine Feminine, to Mother Earth, the subtle energy realms, and creating space for flow, balance and healing in my own life.

Ka Ta See Shaman teachers and Leanne

When I start to feel overwhelmed, ill, frustrated, or just “off kilter,” I have simple tools and techniques that I can easily and quickly use to restore my balance and re-center myself.

Together, we’ll explore these same tools and techniques to enable you to take control of your energy – and your life.

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