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Join us as we journey together with Leanne as she shares messages of being an Earth Keeper, working with the Divine Feminine and the Grandmothers, and restorative support in these fascinating expansive times.

The vessel of this Blog and of Sacred Path Sanctuary, and for whom I gratefully offer my services is for:

Those of you who are sensitive to energy, seeking community, support, and growth.  Those courageously beginning a new path of healing and awareness.  The Wayshowers  – Walking an expansive and deeper path on the journey to health, well-being, and spiritual growth. The Healers – Individuals on a spiritual path of awakened consciousness.  Those who welcome and rejoice in the Path to wholeness.  Those who are excited for the Journey.  Those who embrace the Mysteries the Earth and Cosmos have to share with you.

Help Create Peace! Please, choose your platform, start sharing!

Sacred Path Sanctuary

All of my services and programs are conducted at our property, also known as the Sacred Path Sanctuary. The Sanctuary features a labyrinth, a stone circle, walking trails, and views of Mount Hood on clear days –  all of which are available for visitors’ enjoyment.

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