The Lemurian Sisterhood® is an honoring and empowering of the Divine Feminine Essence as created and facilitated by Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf since 11/11/11. The Lemurian Sisterhood’s mission is to bring together a community of women who, through the honoring and support of each other, and with the teachings of the Lemurian Sisterhood, realize their limitless potential and by extension the healing of this planet. Peace on Earth begins within.

I (Leanne Gerrard) was drawn to this sacred sisterhood after reading the book The Women of Lemuria. It resonated so deeply within me, as part of my purpose for being here, now, in this lifetime. The energy healing work I do already focuses on helping to restore the awareness and power of the Divine Feminine.

My husband and I are creating a very energetic, healing space up in the hills of Camas, Washington, at Sacred Path Sanctuary. We’ve so far, completed a little guest cottage for personal retreats, a beautiful healing labyrinth to be used for meditation, ceremony, healing and remembrance, and most recently a standing stone circle filled with ancient Grandmother energy.

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Lemurian Sisterhood Greater Portland