Whale & Dolphin Energy Light Medicine

“The Cetaceans are Vibrational Healers, using many modalities to assist the human. They are multidimensional Beings capable of using Light and Sound Bio Technology to assist us a multitude of ways.

The Origin of Creation is Light, Sound and Sacred Geometry . Sound can permeate all levels of our being, affecting every level of existence and even recalibrating our DNA. For over 40,000 years, sound has been used for healing because of its incredible effectiveness.

When we listen to whale songs, we are giving permission for a personal calibration within our physical and emotional bodies. The great Humpback Whales are the ancient Beings on our planet and have shown us that they can re-align our energy and our bodies using their tones. Their songs actually open vortex tunnels, or portals of spinning sacred geometry, as they assist us directly in creating a higher vibration and state of well-being.”

“The Dolphins are the ambassadors and the embodiments of Joy. They represent the positive feeling and emotional states of happiness, passion, love, joy, family and purpose.

They are theMasters of DNA recalibration and are able to shift old energies very quickly with their healing frequencies.”

Quotes from Laurie Reyon

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