How I Help ~ with my joy of Energy Healing

Empowering your body to heal itself physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

I specialize in working directly with the energy of all life, working with Ancient Healing Arts, Shamanic Wisdom and Energy Medicine.  Working intuitively to create a unique healing experience that continues to balance, grow and expand within the you.

These sessions are not just for symptom relief. We’re trying to perceive the complex relationships between the synergistic energy systems, the body, the mind and the spirit, and how all of those elements are integrated into the client’s state of health.

Many of the more forward-thinking medical doctors are already embracing energy modalities such as acupuncture, Reiki and EFT. Energy Medicine can be a complement to any traditional medical protocols or treatments. By restoring a person’s energy systems to balance, many modern medical treatments are enhanced by helping to limit side effects, and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal.

I work to help open you to a more expansive and receiving space.

We work with the energy that is all around us.  From the supportive energies of Mother Earth, to the sourcing energies of the Cosmos, and the Elements.  Together, we bring deeper levels of healing going first into the energetic realms, to shift and allow healing to occur in the physical body.

We work on integrating the deeper levels of the Divine Feminine and Divine Flow.  I work to help open you to a more expansive and receiving space.  Creating empowering new daily routines that facilitate the Knowing that, Yes, you can do anything, and You are a Perfection Creation.

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