Dear Ones-

What is so Sacred about the Feminine?

Why has it been such a mystery and why has it been so carefully deleted from our culture?

It has everything to do with purity and creation and love and birthing into being. 

It has everything to do with being the creator of your own reality. An amazing human power that has been kept hidden for millennia, because it would very quickly lift the human race out of slavery and into Divinity—igniting the very Spark of Infinity.

We keep bringing you back to Womb Healing. This is where your connection to Mother Gaia is seated. When you’ve constantly been told to “look up” for your Salvation, it begins to make you afraid to look down-deep deep into the void-into the womb of the earth. 

After all, that’s where ‘hell fire” and the devil reside, is it not? But what is the real purpose of this fire? The fire that spews up from the core of the earth in brilliant light, and then pours down the mountainside as molten lava? Could this be the fire that is meant to rise within your wombs: 

The fire that burns away everything that is not truly who you are? All of those identities and masks you have worn; all those expectations; all those rules and laws of a civilized society?

Is this fire what rises up from the void, creating Life Energy-the true Earth Fire Serpent-the Kundalini energy that connects us with the earth and our Sacredness, BEFORE it rises to the heavens and joins the Cosmic energy:

You’re taught to follow all the commandments of a Patriarch, in order to AVOID this fire. 

Obey; be good; be tame; be demure; be quiet; be a servant to others; don’t ask question that are beyond your understanding; don’t question authority!

Now beautiful goddesses, it’s your time to dive deep! Deep into the womb of Mother Gaia. To the beautiful sacred darkness, and the molten fire of her life-giving energy.

Feel your feet sink down into the soft dark soil. Allow earth’s gravity to pull you in, deeper and deeper; rooting yourself into her powerful vortex of creative energy. Now stay here for a minute, reveling in the feeling of security and nourishment. 

This is where womb healing begins. 

Return here often, allowing yourself to feel the full physicality of your body. 

This grounding of yourself will actually help you more safely navigate the shifts and frequency changes happening very quickly on the earth at this time. She will hold you safely as your consciousness rises. You’ll be able to more boldly step into your power to create, until only beauty and love as Nature’s order, are guiding the transformation of this wondrous planet!

We love you and are always with you!

The Grandmothers