The Mountain is Calling …

A place where Earth and Elements Restore, Transform and Energize

For those on the path of healing and transformation, a place has been needed for rebalancing and restoration of the divine flow.

That place is here!

Leanne is a Medicine Woman and Earth Keeper. She and her husband Steve have been called by the land to be stewards of this sacred site, now known as Sacred Path Sanctuary. Located in the foothills of Camas, Washington, overlooking Mt Hood, Leanne provides her energy healing sessions.

You can feel the energetic shift as you leave the city and begin your winding drive up to the Sanctuary.

Arriving at the Sanctuary, you are greeted by Leanne, the mountain, Mother Earth, and all the beautiful loving spirits of the land.

Bear Den Cottage is now available to rent for personal retreats. A labyrinth and standing stone circle are waiting to welcome you into a space of meditation, grounding and connection to the earth and nature. Get more details here …

The Labyrinth at Sacred Path Santuary
Bear Den Cottage at Sacred Path Sanctuary
The Monolith Circle at Sacred Path Sanctuary

Comments about the Sacred Path Sanctuary

“Leanne Gerrard is a natural born healer!
My healing process begins as I am driving to her”

Anna Axlund
InTune Health and Fitness
Vancouver WA

“I was very thankful to emerge from my session with Leanne at her mountain sanctuary instead of a busy city street.

On the drive to her mountain sanctuary I could really feel the balancing, deep peace & self-reflection increasing the closer I got to the sanctuary …

When I first arrived I walked over to see the full view of Mt. Hood, the gentle buzzing of the trees and nature around me – I felt like I was standing in a powerful river of magnificent energy flowing directly from Mt. Hood and Gaia herself.

If you are a healer, lightworker or energy sensitive… do yourself a favor and go see Leanne at her mountain sanctuary.”

Rob Bury
AweLove University
Portland Oregon

“I could feel the incredible resonance of the space beginning with my drive to her mountain sanctuary.”

Alora Brown
Co-founder, Conscious Evolution Movement
Happy Valley, Oregon

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Empower your body to heal itself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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