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Bring back the joy, the ease, the peace, the Knowing

Ready for an open, connected, and fun healing experience?  Then let me share the joys of energy healing with you.  It’s you, me, and the energy.

Our initial discovery session is to understand your body’s unique energy patterns, and determine what energy systems such as Chakras, Meridians, Electrics, Auric Field, and others that might be out of balance.

Our focus in a session is to identify imbalances affecting your energy flow which ultimately affects your health.

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Bringing Divine Flow back ….

This is an integrative holistic approach to wholeness, health and wellbeing.
As a Shaman and Energy Medicine Woman, I combine Ancient Healing Arts traditions with Eastern Hands-on modalities, and Ka Ta See Red Door energy work, to help my clients experience restorative and transformational energetic shifts in body, mind and spirit.

Do you have something specific that needs addressing? I.e. a chronic issue or physical ailment.

Or are you looking to restore and rebalance your energy?

Accessing energy from the Earth and the Cosmos, together, we discover the root causes, allow the energy to lead and bring reconnection and rebalancing to your body’s natural flow.

Your body’s intelligence tunes into what is going on.  Each session builds on the one before.

Although, it’s also amazing to come in for that one-off session and experience the peace and relaxation and start bringing forth the connection to that Divine Feminine flow of energy!

We address the things that may come up in each particular session-often looking beyond the physical to the deeper energetic levels. Restoring energy to its optimum function.

We are synchronizing pulses, opening and reconnecting communication and balance to all of your body’s systems.

The deep healing is integrated with the sacred space of the property upon which Sacred Path Sanctuary sits.  You’ll feel the healing energies begin as you drive up the mountain.

During a session, I might use muscle testing to check the the flow of energy through certain areas of your body.  If we see a lack of flow or strength in a system, that system is corrected using techniques such as acupressure points, tracing or flushing meridian, and working with the neurolymphatic and neurovascular points.

With regular sessions we begin to see patterns in your energy systems, and according to what we determine, I will assign follow-up exercises that will support healthy change in your energy.  If one remains diligent with these exercises, even severely chronic energy imbalances can be corrected over time.


Ka Ta See Red Door

The Red Door is an instrument designed and developed by Ka Ta See Lineage Carrier, Kay Cordell Whitaker.
The Red Door is a device that functions because of its geometry. It creates very specific energy fields and patterns, resulting in a scalar wave, from which the “magic” happens.
I utilize the Red Door to aid in both my hands-on, and distance energy work.

Unique Services:

Description Investment
Initial Discovery and Energy Healing Session   (2 hour Session) $165
Energy Healing Session (approximately 90min.) $134
Energy Healing + Red Door Session $185
Distance Energy Healing Session $111
Distance Energy Healing with Red Door Session $155
Bear Den Cottage at Sacred Path Sanctuary  *excludes the $50 cleaning fee
                                           Add Energy Healing Session
Energy Healing Packages:
4 Sessions – save $59 $477
6 Sessions  – save $60 $744

*Packaged Sessions are meant to be scheduled for twice a month.

Continue your restorative energy balancing work by booking your customized package below.

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The healing work and teachings that we offer and that you are receiving stem from Ancient Spiritual Healing Traditions and are not intended as medical or psychological service in the allopathic sense of the term. I do not make any medical claims. The ideas, information, procedure, and suggestions we provide are based on those ancient spiritual, traditional healing traditions and are not intended as a substitute for consulting with a medical professional. I or anyone else working with me shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from anything we provide. Our healing work and teachings are rendered within the context of the ancient traditions they are based on. Everyone receiving healing work or teachings from us is wholly and entirely responsible for their own health and healthcare.