Reconnect … Rebalance … Rejuvenate

Ready for a relaxing, connected and enjoyable experience? Allow me to share the joys of Energy Healing with you.

Our initial Discovery Session will help us both understand your body’s unique energy patterns, and allow me to customize the session to specifically focus on your needs at that moment. It’s never a “one size fits all” session, but one to address your individuality.


Initial Discovery and Energy Healing Session (2 hour Session)

Energy Healing Session (approximately 90min.)



I conduct energy healing sessions in a treatment room of the main house at Sacred Path Sanctuary. In addition to energy treatment you have full access to the Sanctuary’s trails, labyrinth, and stone circle during your visit.

For those who wish to combine a personal retreat with energy healing, Bear Den Cottage in the Sanctuary is available for overnight rental. Please see here for more information about Bear Den Cottage.

An Integrative, Holistic Approach

As an Energy Medicine Woman, I work with each client by integrating several modalities:

These might include: Hands-on work using various acupressure points and energy meridians, some Ancient Healing Arts of Andean traditions, Sound healing with tuning forks, Songs of whales and dolphins, and the energetic holding of a Purification Space that helps to release energy that no longer serves you, and move into the energy of your true expansive self and your connection with Source.

Your body’s own intelligence tunes into what is shifting, and each future session can continue to build on that momentum.

Most clients end up experiencing very restorative and transformational energetic shifts in body, mind and spirit over the next several days.

Let’s Get Started

It’s time to reconnect, rebalance, and rejuvenate!
Empower your body to heal itself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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