Peruvian Shamanism ~ Ka Ta See Tradition

Being alive, to know the life energy that is all around, to feel the passion of this energy is to feel and know the Song that is your own spirit’s vibrations.

About Ka Ta See Shamanic Tradition

Ka Ta See is balance.  It is equity and harmony with the self and all forms. The world looks very different when we learn how to focus, control, and redirect our attention. There is unfathomable beauty and joy; the extraordinary amounts of feeling that can be exchanged with other forms.  It is our human heritage.

Life is poetic, and filled with gracefulness and passionate depth.  The joy of loving; The openness of daylight.  The depth of darkness.  It is living poetry; it is Song.  Let Leanne’s Shamanic Wisdom guide you on a journey to discover your Song.

Life is conscious, intelligent energy that can collect itself into any function or shape

There is ablaze from the center, the heart of each and all things – Life. From galaxies to photons. Life is conscious, intelligent energy that can collect itself into any function or shape. It collects around inertia to form energy patterns and matter. A person can learn how to collect it, store it, move it.  Shamanism can guide, teach and reveal the subtle energy realms and our connection to it.  Shamanic energy healing is a transformative and integrative experience that shifts every aspect of one’s life, from wellness and wholeness, to relationships with others.  Creating a grounded ability to see possibilities and live a life in Divine Flow.

We are a piece of Creator.

When it collects into something, that is an individual. Its matrix has a unique pulsing, a rhythm, that belongs only to it. It sings to the universe and life pours through it, carrying its Song. It tells everything around about its existence. This is Life Energy itself being scattered out as a gift from the heart. An individual’s Song is its joy, its uniqueness, its expansiveness, its story that sings through eons.  And we share our Song with each other continually. This is our web.

“We are a piece of Creator. We are connected very deeply; very intimately, to every other  “piece of Creator” in the Universe…and we’re sharing all the time-energies, information, unconditional love—it’s pouring through the universe, outside and inside of time and space!” – Kay Cordell Whitaker, Ka Ta See Shaman

With shamanic energy healing, no two healing sessions are identical.  Energy Healing addresses the root cause of disharmony which can manifest in many ways.  A shaman works with a person’s Luminous Energy Field (LEF) to help bring about increased wellbeing, a sense of newfound peace, empowerment, balance and a feeling of connection to all life.

Ka Ta See Red Door and Finding Your Song

a tool forhealing energies over long distances.

Ka Ta See Red Door, simply described, is a tool for accessing and broadcasting information and healing energies over long distances. For those more into quantum physics and the science of it all, it is also called a Dimensional Entry Transmission Field Generator.

The Ka Ta See Red Door, how it works, and what it can do is so vast that a Five Part Video Series was produced featuring Kay Cordell Whitaker, creator of the Red Door Bowl.  These videos include live questions and answers to help explain it. For those interested in learning more about the Ka Ta See Red Door watch these videos here.

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