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"Leanne Gerrard is a natural born healer!
My healing process begins as I am driving to her beautiful home in the forest.
Her gentle touch and warm energy helps me to feel safe and supported during my sessions and I always feel better when we are through. I highly recommend Leanne to anyone who is in need of healing of any kind or support during transitions great or small."

Anna Axlund InTune Health and Fitness Vancouver WA January 7, 2020

"My experience with Leanne's energy healing was one of gentle yet powerful re-balancing of my energy fields and flow moving me into a wonderful state of calm. She was able to clear the blockages which had been preventing me from releasing the effects of life's stresses on my body allowing me to move into a greater state of relaxation and ease!"

Maureen O'Connor, ND Heart of Health Naturopathic Clinic Vancouver WA January 7, 2020

"My time with Leanne has been exquisite. A true Energy Medicine Woman. She has an incredible connection to the subtle energy realm and is a powerful channel of energy healing and divine flow. I could feel the incredible resonance of the space beginning with my drive to her mountain sanctuary. I felt completely relaxed and open to allowing the receiving of the healing to take place. The profound re-connection and balancing that took place immediately alleviated the pain I was experiencing in my lower back. I felt balanced, clear and grounded again. There was a deep peace and lovingness that filled my body. Leanne is able to hold a space of healing for all bodies and her gentleness is warming and welcoming. I will definitely continue to see her to help facilitate my own continued growth and expansion and healing as more comes to be release and recommend her sessions to anyone seeking re-connection on their path of embodiment and working with energy to heal things presenting in the physical body.

Truly a Healer's Healer!"

Alora Brown co-founder, Conscious Evolution Movement Happy Valley, Oregon January 1, 2020

I've had two energy healing sessions with Leanne now and WOW!  I'm reiki trained and do my own versions of energy healing work as well so I am very sensitive to energy.  I've had a lot of energy healing sessions with many practitioners utilizing many different modalities and Leanne is bringing something new to the mix.  Leanne seems to have the ability to be a very clear channel for powerfully healing and balancing energy straight from source.

I felt a deep sense of peace and love pouring through Leanne.  My sessions with Leanne have been extremely powerful for me.  My first session took me about 24 hours to fully integrate into my system.  I was very thankful to emerge from my session with Leanne at her mountain sanctuary instead of a busy city street.   Another huge point to mention is that I felt the effects of my session with Leanne begin a full day before my actual 3D reality session with her.  Then on the drive to her mountain sanctuary I could really feel the balancing, deep peace & self-reflection increasing the closer I got to the sanctuary.  When I first arrived at the sanctuary I walked over to see the full view of Mt. Hood, the gentle buzzing of the trees and nature around me - I felt like I was standing in a powerful river of magnificent energy flowing directly from Mt. Hood and Gaia herself.  Words fail to express my experience of Leanne's divine energy work at her mountain sanctuary.  'Powerful, loving, divine, healing, balancing, wisdom' are six words that come to mind.

If you are a healer, lightworker or energy sensitive and you feel off, out of balance or just need to get your 'batteries' recharged - do yourself a favor and go see Leanne at her mountain sanctuary.

Leanne is the Healers' Healer in my book.

Thank you Leanne 💙

Rob Bury creator, AweLove University Portland Oregon December 31, 2019

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That was really a precious session! Thank you! I feel like my ‘feathers’ got fluffed out again, so to speak. I’m feeling very grounded and centered and filled with compassion 😍 I was able to work with a very challenging client in an empowered state of mind. Ahhh.....the gifts of coming into balance!

PM December 2, 2019

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"Leanne is amazing!!! Her energy healing helped me through some difficult times. I am not sure how I would have made it through my pregnancy and birth without her energy work! She made me feel calm and centered no matter what, and I am forever grateful. Thank you, Leanne!"

Tatyana January 14, 2019

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Testimonial for Leanne

I’ve been receiving treatments from Leanne continuously every week for almost half a year and it is amazing how powerfully healing her hands are. I’ve been struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 8 years with periods of being unable to leave the house for over a week. Seeing her regularly for Eden Energy Medicine and Reiki has been a blessing and a miracle in my life. It helps me to have more energy for much longer periods than I had before I started working with Leanne. The improvement has been 250% for me and that’s quite a miracle.

I can come to see Leanne feeling very fatigued and agitated and get off the massage table feeling centered, balanced and rejuvenated. She helps me to balance my emotions, reduce stress levels and give me a feeling of being myself again, at peace and loving life. I notice that I sleep better and wake up more refreshed after every session.

Leanne works both on a physical and an emotional level. She can do numerous tests to see which energy meridians need balancing, if any organ systems are struggling and which ones need support. She also has many tools to balance the emotions and bring about a sense of deep calmness and peace. In addition, she is a Reiki master and the energy that flows through her hands is pretty astounding. The first time I experienced it was after oral surgery, when I had four wisdom teeth pulled, and had a hard time coming off pain killers a week later. Leanne just held her hands by my face for 15 minutes. I didn’t think it was possible, but I never had to take any painkillers since, even though before missing even a dose brought about intense soreness and nerve pain.

I highly recommend coming to see Leanne for any health condition. She will help to bring your body, mind and spirit into balance and support your healing.

Alina January 2, 2018